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Your favorite highway
ou don't know what my favorite food is
and right now, thats okay
I am okay with simple
I am okay with complicated
No regrets baby
Fall hard
Fall fast
After all,
we only live once
Courage comes at a high cost
You have to choose
Do you wanna be courageous?
....Or, do you want to be a follower?
Hiding under her oppression.
You look like a surfer chick
You'd be a lot of things
But you gotta take your freedom
Wars weren't fought for nothing
but babe,
I'm not here to dictate your life
But I want this to be our life
As simple as possible
You + me
Our bed.
Every night.
Someday we could be driving
Down your favorite highway
Into the stars.
Holding hands.
Our babies asleep in the back of our car
OUR little babies
We can have it all.
The world doesn't stop,
Not for anyone.
Don't let it stop for you.
For us.
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 1 0
Missing Pages
Waterlogged and worn down;
The story of a life,
Muddled ink is hard to decipher
As strange as it seems
For a new book,
to have pages missing
This story isn't so strange
For those who live inside
Broken at the spine
Not enough pages
Too many damaged
Hard to read
Not a book about peace
No more a fairytale,
than it is a work of fiction
Nothing less than palpable
In actuality,
this isn't a story at all
Just a life of a girl
Whose reality is distressing
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 0 0
A Femme Christmas by SarahTriceratops A Femme Christmas :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 3 0 Glamour Gore IV by SarahTriceratops
Mature content
Glamour Gore IV :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 5 0
Glamour Gore III by SarahTriceratops
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Glamour Gore III :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 5 6
Glamour Gore II by SarahTriceratops
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Glamour Gore II :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 10 2
Glamour Gore I by SarahTriceratops
Mature content
Glamour Gore I :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 8 2
Same Sex
Cotton candy hair,
Beautiful girl
Shiny green eyes
Melting my heart
A day at a time
Love letters,
Sent through the mail
Gifts for my girl
A pillow in return
A bit of distance
Soon to end
Holding me close
Something to look forward to
Craving your lips
Wanting your kiss
My bed is empty
Big enough for two
Buried deep under fear
Something I find hard to accept
Loving someone of the same sex
You tell me not to be afraid
The voice of an angel
Is oh so convincing
Your arms spread like wings
Warming my heart
Almost ready,
To be who we are
A kiss from you
Something that is a trigger
My body would tremble
Maybe even shiver
You will be mine
Our love,
Can last forever
Just like in the movies
And all the love songs
Your smile will be real
You'll get what you desire
Our bodies will be together
Like ours minds have been,
All along,
My beautiful lesbian lover
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 59 61
We are like trees
We are like trees
Supposed to grow old together
Instead one is ill and damaged
The other is strong, independent, and fighting for sun
While the healthy one survives
The other is overshadowed
The dirt is drying out
Both cannot live
Natural selection is taking its course
Showing the forest who is in control
Allowing the strong to go on
The weak to die out
The lone dying tree wants help
But the forest is empty
No one to nurture or cure
It needs the healthy tree
Some believe the forest is filled with trees
Others see nothing but one
It isn't a matter of opinion
It's a matter of dedication
A storm may come
Lightening will strike, it has many times before
Children carve names in the weaker tree
To show how little value it really has
When the storm passes only one will stand
The tree who grew taller than the other
While the one tree collapses into wooden dust
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 4 3
Beating Fate
Cradled safely between his arms
Soft breathing lulling me to sleep
Heat of his mouth against my neck
Another memory that fades
Looking into the mirror
Reality sinks in
I'm no longer home
Just four empty walls
Looking at a reflection
Of a girl whose lost her purpose
The relationship is not up for question
Their love is stronger than the current,
The current from the ocean that separates two hearts
Ripples pass through on a day to day basis
They bounce off of each side
As if they mean nothing
A tidal wave could be catastrophic
But the current is never that strong
Unlike the feelings for each other
Star crossed lovers some may say
Yet nothing is impossible
We choose our own fate
No matter the damage
Or even a hurricane
These star crossed lovers fight the world
And run back to each other
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 4 0
Beauty by SarahTriceratops Beauty :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 7 6
Cluttered pathways
Inside of my brain
A blockade
Causing me to break
Open wounds leaking the pain
Not your ordinary angst
Years of damage
Faces of my offenders
Not an easy fix
Many have tried
Refusal to change
Accepted I'm damaged
Only one person
Who I want to hold
Out of reach
Does not reciprocate
Beautiful girl
Making it tolerable
Beginning to love her
Still struggling
An ex
Tried to save me
Not good enough
Memories won't fade
Unable to get by
Experimenting with drugs
A high never felt before
Old and new
Can't deal
Not easy to handle
Relapse again
Til my body is grey
Covered in dirt
At least it's not blood
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 3 0
Society Has No Say On Gay
Young and in love
Over and over
We fall for those we shouldn't
Society thinks they have a say
But our hearts have other plans
Those who don't understand
Try to change us
They think that queer is wrong
That queer is curable
I speak for myself when I say,
I've loved many
But only felt right with a few
And one of them is a woman
And so am I
At least genetically
They're like water
You knock a glass over
The water is displaced
But it is not gone
You can knock us over
We will not disappear
Wrong isn't the word for us
Nor is unnatural
Try something like human
Some cells, tissue
A brain that contains emotion
Love, something that is involuntary
It is never too late to discover
To explore
To find out who you really are
Our lives,
something others should not control
Society is nothing without numbers
Let those numbers favor our side
And if not, we shall never back down
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 39 16
My mohawk by SarahTriceratops My mohawk :iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 5 16
And I, your sanity
Sitting across from me
To you I stare
Our eyes never meeting
A gaze that isn't fair
We sleep together
But not close
Miles away
Near at heart
Skin cells in my home
They belong to you
Your scent is barely here
Until we reunite
Just days ago
By my side
A faint memory we have both forgotten
Driving us apart
Holding on
Ever so slightly
Holding me back
Tearing you to shreds
Doing what we can
Remembering little jokes
Smiling at our past
To put it simply
I won't let us slip away
You are my hope
And I, your sanity
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 5 0
Our minds change like the flick of a switch
Hormones control our every emotion
Adrenaline can take over
Tears can flow without consent
Confined to our bodies,
With little control of our thoughts
Mistakes so easy to make
Searching for a purpose
Trying so hard to survive
So very vulnerable to pain
We are only human
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 3 4



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi, my name is Sarah.
I am incredibly queer.
My sexuality and gender identity are not easy to define.
Just consider me fluid.
I am a very open minded and accepting individual.
I love:
Reading, Writing, Art, Poetry, Photography, Music, B Horror, Zombies, Vampires, Winter, Summer, Traveling, Disney, Queer culture, Concerts, and so much more.
There are so many organizations I support. The Trevor Project, TWLOHA and the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation are just some of them!

I love making friends and helping people! Don't be shy.
Here is my tumblr:
I have been at college/uni for almost a week now! I am moved into my dorm and have had my first day of classes. So far I love all of it. I have pretty okay professors, and i've even been making some decent friends! It's too early to write a full review of how much I like school or not. But, everything seems to be going well so far. The food isn't too bad either. My dorm is a single room so I don't have to worry about any roommate problems. The only weird thing is the community bathrooms, I hate sharing with people. It feels so gross. 

Well, I am doing pretty good overall. Oh, and my school is so huge!!! 
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